Franklin County Property Appraisal (Massachusetts)

The Franklin County Assessor helps calculate property taxes by determining the appraisal value of the taxable property in Franklin County, MA. Assessors maintain a number of documents related to property appraisals, including property inspections, buildings and any improvements or renovations, and Franklin County property appraisal reports. Their office also has documents on property tax assessments, current and former owners, the property's size and location, and any unpaid property taxes or tax liens. These documents can be important resources for property owners or potential buyers, and may include historical property appraisals. These Franklin County property appraisal records may be available online through the Assessor Office website.

Ashfield Assessor Ashfield MA 412 Main Street 01330 413-628-4441

Buckland Assessor Shelburne Falls MA 17 State Street 01370 413-625-2335

Charlemont Assessor Charlemont MA 157 Main Street 01339 413-339-8586

Colrain Assessor Colrain MA 55 Main Road 01340 413-624-3356

Gill Town Assessor Gill MA 325 Main Road 01354 413-863-0138

Greenfield Assessor Greenfield MA 14 Court Square 01301 413-772-1546

Leverett Town Assessor Leverett MA 9 Montague Road 01054 413-548-4945

New Salem Assessor New Salem MA 24 South Main Street 01355 978-544-5814

Pacific County Assessor Deerfield MA 8 Conway Street 01373 413-665-7184

Whately Assessor Whately MA 194 Chestnut Plain Road 01373 413-665-3470

The Franklin County Treasurer & Tax Collector Offices collects local taxes and disburse the funds, which includes property taxes in Franklin County, MA. As part of this responsibility, they maintain records on Franklin County property appraisals, including property tax assessments, historical appraisal values, and property improvements or renovations. These Franklin County public records typically list the current and former owners of the property as well as a description of its size, location, and its payment history, such as tax liens, unpaid property taxes, or foreclosures. They may also include Franklin County appraisal values for neighboring properties. These property appraisal records are an important source for property owners and potential buyers. Treasurer & Tax Collector Offices often provide online access to their Franklin County property appraisal records.

Bernardston Tax Collector Bernardston MA 108 Northfield Road 01337 413-648-5410

Conway Tax Collector Conway MA 32 Main Street 01341 413-369-4235

Gill Tax Collector Gill MA 325 Main Road 01354 413-863-2105

Greenfield Treasurer Greenfield MA 14 Court Square 01301 413-772-1567

Leverett Town Treasurer Leverett MA 9 Montague Road 01054 413-548-9666

New Salem Tax Collector New Salem MA 15 South Main Street 01355 978-544-2731

Shelburne Falls Tax Collector Shelburne Falls MA 17 State Street 01370 413-625-9474

Shutesbury Tax Collector Shutesbury MA 1 Cooleyville Road 01072 413-259-1615

Wendell Tax Collector Wendell MA 9 Morse Village Road 01379 978-544-8617

The Franklin County Building Departments creates and enforce building codes and zoning regulations in order to ensure the construction of safe buildings in Franklin County, MA. As part of this responsibility, Building Departments maintain a number of property-related records, including property appraisal information. These records may show past Franklin County appraisal values, property tax assessments, building code violations, and property improvements or renovations. In order to build or renovate a property, the Building Department must certify that the plan meets local rules and regulations, and these reports contain a range of information on a property, making them important sources for potential buyers or property owners. These Franklin County property appraisals may be available on the Building Department website.

Greenfield Zoning Greenfield MA 14 Court Square 01301 413-772-1549

Orange Building Department Orange MA 135 East Main Street 01364 978-544-1105